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About of Our Company

About of Our Company

Dagon Lin Maritime Service was established in 2016 located in Myanmar and which was formed with former Mariners and educated personnel who are fully complied with under Government Law. The Company offers crew management based on requirement of MLC 2006 Reg 1.4. Our company’s SRPS license which was issued by The Department of Marine Administration (DMA) Union of Myanmar under law of shipping act section 24, Marine Labour Convention, 2006 Regulation 1.4” SRPS Licenses No.SRPS/PVN/212.

Our working philosophy is based on respect for and trusts in all human beings. Dagon Lin Maritime Service offers crew management services covering Recruiting and Training. Our management team is properly trained for international and shore based experience with our best knowledge of crew management, we can be assured of safe, secure and reliable operation and strives to continue the well-known service to out clients and seafarers

At the mean time we will develop highly qualified Myanmar Officers and Ratings with respectable International quality standard and professional skills. If you need more information, do not hesitate and freely to contact with us at any time. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for sites to build long-term relationships.

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  • Our Mission
    "At Dagon Lin Co.,Ltd, our mission is to create a dynamic and sustainable global shipping presence. We strive to provide seamless and reliable maritime solutions that facilitate trade, nurture growth, and foster meaningful connections between people and markets. By integrating cutting-edge technology, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our customers while upholding the highest standards of safety and service."
  • Our Vision
    To be a globally recognized center of excellence in shipyard welding training, providing skilled and proficient welders who contribute to the maritime industry's growth and innovation.
  • Our Values
    Innovation: We foster innovation as the cornerstone of our success, pioneering solutions that redefine the shipping landscape.

    Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and trust in all interactions.

    Collaboration: We build partnerships that amplify our impact, working closely with customers and stakeholders for shared growth.

    Sustainability: We champion eco-conscious practices, harnessing technology to minimize our environmental footprint and protect our planet.

    Excellence: We pursue excellence relentlessly, delivering unparalleled service, reliability, and quality.

    People-Centric: We prioritize our people's well-being, fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that values safety and growth.

    Customer Focus: We prioritize customer needs, tailoring solutions and delivering experiences that exceed expectations.

    Responsibility: We take responsibility for our global influence, contributing positively to communities and society at large.

    Global Perspective: With a global mindset, we bridge gaps and foster opportunities for economic and cultural exchange.

    Adaptability: We embrace change with agility, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities to remain at the forefront.